The need of Copiers in these times

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Inside the 1960s the Xerox company announced a piece of equipment that made copies of documents written. The task was very swift and low-cost, and it started a boom as it was a simple way to create an immediate record from a document to the purposes of storing as files so when evidence of documentation.

In the past, photo copying is becoming big business, as more and more companies announced their versions of copiers for the marketplace. There has been some talk recently by using the appearance from the digital age, that copying documents physically on paper would become obsolete, as saving documents in the digital file will be more appropriate and would take up less space than the filing of physical paper files.

However, copying documents physically is still easier most often, than having to go with the digital process, as frequently it requires the scanning of your physical document anyway to transfer it in a digital file.
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Therefore the situation is still certainly one of a dual process of utilizing both methods of storing data. Through the physical aspect it really works provided that the files tend not to become to several, as then the digital concept could have a quite high advantage.